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What Is Sacred Healing?


how does The sacred healing approach heal the body and help you reclaim your life from illness?

Co-founder Julien DuBrow shares her healing story and how the Sacred Healing approach honors the best of modern day medicine and the best of traditional, holistic and mind-body or energy medicine. It is a compassionate approach that guides you into connection with your True Nature, your body and your ability to heal.


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Healing is a time to focus on who you are rather than what you do. It takes real inner strength, and support to meet our fears, grief and struggles with kindness and a firm commitment to heal.

Julien DuBrow

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Our Mission

Founder Lisa Mansfield

Founder Lisa Mansfield

Founder Julien DuBrow

Founder Julien DuBrow


Founders Lisa Mansfield & Julien DuBrow dedicate the Sacred Healing Sanctuary as an online resource for healing and Awakening. Our services and programs honor the wisdom of the Sacred Healing Traditions, the Masters, Saints, Sages, Shamans, and Healers that have come before us as well as the modern day science and technology that assist us in living strong, happy and healthy lives.

May all beings be held in the compassion that arises naturally from an Awakened state.

May all beings be strong, happy and healthy.

May all beings be free.

What Others Have to Say About Working with Lisa and Julien

Lisa and Julien have shepherded me through a devastating chronic illness that almost took my life. Through their wise counsel, I was able to use this arduous journey back to health as a rebirthing process from an ordinary, confused middle-aged woman into an empowered Medicine Woman and healer.

Laila Solaris

Accompaniment on a journey of Waking Up and following a path of Sacred Healing is, for me, guided and enriched by two gentle, deeply insightful co-pilgrims, Lisa Mansfield and Julien Dubrow. To risk being vulnerable to the interior struggles and to the body¹s pain requires great trust and kind holding if there is to be any sort of healing.”

Doug Huneke

“Lisa taught me how to live in a heightened level of awareness. Through working with her I learned to connect to my emotional body as well as a higher spiritual guiding realm. I’ve learned to really tune into my knowing, believe in my path and ask for guidance when needed.”

Emma K.

“Julien helped me heal from Lyme and the disabling co-infections. I had been through an intravenous antibiotic drip that left me with disabling headaches and nausea, and a terrible rash. I was still unable to work because of all the symptoms. I saw Julien twice a week and she did distance healings too. I LOVE all the healing education she gave me and the support to make it through all the holistic protocols. It took about 9 months but I’m really well and back at work. Thank you Julien!”

Stacy Waller

Mentoring Sessions

“Wisdom, peace, and clarity naturally arise when we rest as Awareness.”

— Lisa Marie Mansfield

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